Asarnhabucha Day
Asarnhabucha Day
Asarnhabucha Day is an important day for Buddhist. It is on the Waxing 15 evening 8th month according to the Thai lunar calendar. There were 4 coincidences on this dayas follow:-
1. The Buddha preached the Buddhist sermon for the first time to the Five Ascetics at Isipatanamaruekataiwan forest near Paranasi.
2. The first disciple in Buddhism is Kondhanna who attained the eyes of Dhamma after the preaching.
 3. The first monk in Buddhism is Kondhanna, who asked for the ordination from the Buddha after the attainment.
 4. The first day that has the Threefold refuge which are Buddha, Dhamma and Monk especially the first monk that occurred as thewitness for the Buddha’s Dhamma.
It is important that the Buddhist observe religious activities such activities include:-
1.    Candle Parade
This culture occured from the fact that in the ancient time there wasnot enough electricity during the Buddhist Lent, the monks need light to observe their activities such as praying, learning Dhamma and many other more. From this reason, the villagers usually casted a big candle for the monks and believed that they could use this candle during the 3 months of the Buddhist Lent. Before offering the candle to the monks, the villagers usually parade the candle as mentioned in the Noppamat book as follow:-
“When the Waxing 14 evening arrives, the villagers hold a parade to parade the candle all around the city. This event is believed to gather all the villagers together and is considered as a time for villagers to have fun. When the parade arrives at the temple, the villagers offer the candle to the monks and the candle is used during the 3 months of the Buddhist Lent. Most of the temples in the country has this culture.”
This culture is still observed annually and for Ubonratchathani province, this is one of the most important event of the province. There is candle decoration contests in each temple.
2.    Loincloth Offering
The tradition of offering the loincloth to the Buddhist monk occured since the ancient time. There was a woman named Visaka, who asked for the permission to offer the loincloth to the monks during the rainy season. Therefore, Visaka was the first woman to offer the loincloth to the monks. From this event, during the Buddhist Lent period, the Buddhist usually offer loincloth to the monks together with neccessary food and beverages. Some temples also have schedules for the loincloth offering ceremony.
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